Understand the True Natural of Nature

As science, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. Why? Because everything becomes is out of their true natural state. In this text we will talk of the transformations of nature and explain why everything is transformed. The true nature of nature is not the material condition. The matter is a set of ruins gathered that by himself destroys, reducing to nothing so fluidics because die.
Appears out of nowhere and reduces to nothing. Everything that is outside the true natural state of nature becomes. And what is the true natural state of nature? Is the body of pure energy, clean and perfect, a condensation fluidics pure, clean and perfect. If you have any questions leave your opinion in the end that we will do our best to respond.

The True Nature of True Nature is Eternal Energy

Natural da Natureza natureSeveral videos on youtube speak of suffering as a natural product of human nature. In fact, death is a natural transformation of nature created so that humanity could evolve and improve their material condition. Through the process of birth and death, there was the refinement of murderous and destructive condition of human beings Rational animal.

Today, with advances in civilization and the natural transformations of the deformed nature, humanity declined much its ties of rudez, delay and brutality of the past. New generations abandon of course the delay of older, renovated, evolving as you want to the nature. And the biggest transformation of all time occurred in the 20 century, more precisely in 1935. This year, there was the end of the phase of thought, which gave way to the Rational stage, the stage of development of the reasoning.

Because in this world of matter, everything that has the principle end. And so it was with the thought phase. With the development of reasoning, there will be the Union of all humanity universally. Then all will, of course, peace, love, brotherhood and universal harmony, which is to unite one for all and all for one. And that is this one? The first world, the rational world.

And that is why everything turns, nothing is lost and nothing is created, becoming a way to another, from one life to another, always improving the State of life. A transformation to another, being the death an advance to enhance life. And that is why everything turns to get to the true way of being that is pure Rational, clean and perfect, inhabitants of the First World, the rational world.

Humanity has Achieved the Evolution and Understanding of Civilization

nature luz na entre arvores no natural da naturezaAnd unknown life of themselves, no one knew to say because life was so, so strange to all who live without knowing the true natural that is supernatural. Today, in the know, through the study of rational culture, in the book Universe in Disenchantment, knowing and seeing the brilliant results of natural transformations of nature.

And today, with the evolution of new generations, all are aware that the purpose of this brief passage that we do in this area is back to the supernatural. Through the transformations and developments provided by the transformations, by death, is that humanity has achieved this level of evolution and understanding of civilization. This development was necessary for when got to the Rational Phase everyone had to understand knowledge of universal redemption, the rational culture, a natural culture of eternal nature.

And with this, humanity will, of course, led to his real World of origin, the rational world. Before there was matter, everything was electric and magnetic fluid, the cause of the origin of matter. What is the Rational fluid? Are the inhabitants of the rational world, bodies formed by cosmic mass fluid pure, clean and perfect. To see that all before be was fluid. The fluid is cause of all that exists in this area.

Everything that was born in this world of matter is out of their true natural state of nature. So, life is suffering and death, a life ordered to be born, suffer and die without knowing why. And in this respect, the natural bent is born, suffer and die, because the suffering is the largest bright day. and if we draw the suffering, does not spare anything, everything is empty.

Wake up Humanity To the Reality of the Rational World

All who have gone to know make it a point to clarify to everyone universally the true cause of this imbalance among all, that caused this settlement to be going through this phase of save yourself who could and if you can. The imbalance is such that wars do not cease and progress.

And all Rational Culture students who know the causes of all this are keen to make it clear to mankind the true reason of disaffection that reigns throughout the universe. And disseminate, speak, sing and make parades, promote meetings, go to the radio and television stations to show the way that the evolution of life through the ages provided so that all are true to life, which is eternal.

The hatred is so great that the brothers destroying each other, warring with each other, the brothers own motherland. The cause is one. The thought phase ended and, therefore, the thinkers came into monstrous imbalance. And all who live without if you know live blinded by magnetism material mechanics. The world almost done over, with the threat of atomic bombs, and yet feel that go very well.

Wake up humankind! Look at the world as it is. The planes are there in space daily announcing the Rational Stage, the stage of development of the reasoning. And by the natural stage of nature be rational, Rational fluid eliminates all monstrous effects, powerful and balanced people. Eliminates the violence, eliminates terrorism, eliminates the existing evils with one thing only: the development of reasoning.

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