The Rational Stage is the Alien Phase

You know what is ET? Forget the famous character of Spielberg’s film. An alien is an inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD with its cosmic dew body pure, clean and perfect, unlike the material beings materialized in electric energy and magnetic bodies. In this article we will explain the cause of these flying objects that are seen in the atmosphere. What mankind calls ET, Ufo or Ufo is, in fact, an inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD doing phase propaganda that has been in force since 1935, the rational world Phase origin of humanity. If you have any questions, leave your opinion in the end that we will do our best to respond.

Understand the ETs and Flying Objects in Space

alien ufo-atlantis et extraterrestreThe unidentified flying objects, also called ET and Ufo are bodies consisting of the Rational, Rational Energy or fluid. Bodies are formed by pure, clean and perfect fluid: are inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD, our real world of origin, which is far above the Sun.

These inhabitants are on the ground in mission, making the Rational Stage adverstising, the stage of development of the reasoning, where all mankind will know his true life, which is pure fluid, clean and perfect, a condensation of pure cosmic mass, clean and perfect in eternity where we left and gave cause to this Rational deformation.

Because they are formed by pure fluid bodies, clean and perfect and inhabitants of an upper world to ours, when they make their connection in the fluid deformed, polluted and weakened, the electric and magnetic fluid, take various forms. When these Supreme beings of light bind to low worlds, appear a multitude of shapes and ways.

Make your moves, evolutions and materialize in many ways, ways, sizes, colors and shapes to announce and familiarize everyone with the Rational Phase, the phase of the reasoning, the recovery phase of humanity. And to have the full definition of who are the Ufo or ET, to know what they want and what they are doing here, we need to know the culture of the UFOs, the culture of ETs. That is, you must know the culture alien, called rational culture, contained in the book Universe in Disenchantment.

An Extraterrestrial, Natural Knowledge of Nature

The book Universe in Disenchantment brings brilliant in its pages the transcendental, ET culture, that is, alien. This knowledge is the definition of the world and of humanity, where we came from and where we are going. The development of reasoning with the study of this book and its goal is to connect the human being to the RATIONAL WORLD, our real world of origin, and there receive any guidance for the balance of humanity.

And from the development of reasoning, is born in human being the Rational clairvoyance and all with the reasoning developed summer the rational world, will see its inhabitants, which many call ET and Ufo. These people are our brothers, because all mankind is Rational, this force of this transcendental pure fluid, clean and perfect. The development of reasoning prepares all to get in touch with these people, because the rational culture is the culture of them.

Then, the book Universe in Disenchantment is preparation of knowledge all of humanity to contact, talk and be guided by his brothers cosmic mass, pure, clean and perfect. The human being will get all precise guidelines for their balance in this life.

And in this way, the person will know because here was born and because there will more be born deformed in this world of matter. More than that, will know how to be eternal, in their true natural, which is the life of pure energy, clean and perfect in the RATIONAL WORLD. That is, how to get back your condition of ET, extraterrestrial, inhabitant of his real World of origin in eternity pure, clean and perfect.

Well Blessed the Eternal Voice of Utter

ufo et extraterrestre alienThen there’s a selection of some excerpts of a bright message, known by several students of the rational culture, called blessed are. “Well blessed the voice of utter that now echoes in the low boosted by the return of those worlds seeds to your real state. (…) In worlds already low breaks out the vibration of conscious energy crossing wee as harbinger of celebration among visitors and retreatants.

(…) Blessed are the rational and his fruitful work in peace mission and social interaction operand in earthly bases and showing up to full sunlight of materialized. Blessed are these “UFOs”, perfect Supreme conscious energies, whose purity will no doubt hover over the rescue of deformed seeds, because the time has come to heal the injury responsible for amnesia and unconsciousness of the ones towards your source base.

Blessed is the command of the base in addition to cosmo where radiant perfection up and the brightness of the plains of the Super World, where eternity is a subtle State of grace far beyond descriptions. Because the world does not have Super rotation and is independent of life itself, not needing to sustain the Suns light that emanates rationally of life hanging in himself. (…)

Blessed are the inhabitants of Rational Plain who left their State of contemplation and undertook travel to low charging around the brothers ‘ worlds. Indescribable and surprising will be the total awareness day, when all the planets are taken in its natural form and they loved their own dome material inflate to Rational Energy approach.

And the conscious already now know that there will be no shock or fight, winners or losers, invaders or invaded. Because, the invaders are not energy bodies that cross the Earth’s space-age electronic radar scaring the Laity of the cosmic culture and making them afraid. (…) Seek seed carved up the Rational for the space and prepare the return Odyssey, because the time is now. “

Learn how to find the book Universe in Disenchantment
The Rational fluid is materialized in words in the glossy pages of the book Universe in Disenchantment. With the daily study of this new knowledge, the human being develops and acquires the reasoning of condition immunized rationally. Once immunized, as the word says, is immune to the destructive effects of both electric and magnetic fluids. Rational immunization is only acquired in the study of rational culture, the study of Rational fluid, which is materialized in bright words on the pages of the book Universe in Disenchantment.
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