The Cause of Suicide is Thought Outage

Normally associated with factors such as depression, bipolar disorder, alcoholism and the use of narcotics in General, suicide is the tenth place among the causes of death throughout the world. In this text you will find out why the suspension of the thought, what happened with the phase change of nature in 1935, has direct influence in the cause of suicides.

As there is no effect without a cause, the suicides occur under the influence of invisible beings that inhabit this huge vacuum that exists between the Sun and Earth. But that we’ll talk later. If you have any questions, leave your opinion at the end that we will do our best to respond.

The end of Thought and its Consequences

estrada do suicidio suicide If you try to heal a person without knowing the cause of the disease there is no cure, but a patch. And remedying all live long, making up until no longer and lose the life. And suicide is no different. The cause is one and the effect is another. The cause is the reason, the origin and the effect is only noticeable surface. The cause is energy, fluidics, because there is no effect without a cause. The person receiving the electrical and magnetic transmissions weakened is unbalanced, lives against herself and takes her own life.

The thought was born and died, and in the life of matter will always be so. Everything a day in this ground, grow and reviver will disappear. And so it was with the thought. And the deaths that we see in the world reflect this moral, physical and financial bankruptcy. This moral, physical and financial settlement. This is because the nature changed phase and left to feed the mind and the imagination.

So, the thinkers can no longer solve their problems. The weakening of thought caused the imbalance. The imbalance has caused discord. The discord caused quarrels and wars that are around the world. But where there are no bombs, the thinkers take their lives because no more sense in being alive and living nature. Because who lives without knowing, who lives without knowing this great phase change that happened in nature in 1935, cannot have peace.

Suicide is a Destructive Energy Magnetic Energy Movement

suicidio suicideSuicide is caused by setbacks, by bad thoughts, discouragement, anyway, all electric and magnetic fluid transmission, two energies that fueled the thought and the imagination until the phase change. And the human being lives against himself by living against nature. And to live against nature, turns out to take his life because it is no longer supported, guided and oriented by nature.

The good fluid conveys harmony, peace, love and joy of living. The bad fluid conveys anger, distrust, fear, revenge, depression and the desire to take one’s own life. The electric fluid was the cause of the magnetic fluid and thought the cause of imagination. With the phase change, with the change in energy Regency that happened at the beginning of the 21 century, these two fluids have weakened because nature has stopped feeding them. It was nature that, through these two fluids degenerate, polluted and weakened, deformed, fed the thought and imagination of all mankind.

Suicide is an energy and movement to combat its origins, its causes, only with other energy movement. Thought and imagination are two cutting machines of all mankind. Are not meant to hit, because if they had been made to hit, would have already hit thousands of years ago. Thought and imagination are two machines that could never reveal the unconscious man its true origin and the origin of the universe. Only when the human being should know is that there would be the perfect balance, the end of suffering and of people taking their own lives.

A Light Never Seen and Without Equal is Shining in the Universe

To win the energy side of suicide, because its cause is only a fluid energy more powerful than these two fluids deformed, the electric and the magnetic fluid fluid. Now let’s talk about something that doesn’t even mention in this article. The word rational and its importance there. Rational is much more than a word like the 700 words above. Rational is a fluid that gave cause to these two fluids swollen and weakened, the electric fluid of magnetic fluid thinking and imagination.

The only weapon that wins the suicide is this fluid called rational. The fluid passes thought words at the head of the magnetic fluid thinkers and transmits images. The Rational thought does not transmit fluid, or imagination. This pure, clean and perfect fluid passes the reasoning. And only the development of reasoning is that it can help the human being to live balanced, happy and no longer want to take his own life.

With the phase change in nature, according to this powerful fluid that has strength to undo the evils caused by these two energies that only caused suffering to human beings. A clarification: the fluid is a living being that gives life and sustains life. The wind, the heat, the cold, the smell of a perfume, anyway, the fluids are living things invisible, that you feel but not see. As well as the thought that you feel but not see, we cannot deny its existence.

The Rational fluid is the only weapon that can be used to prevent suicide, because this fluid is the cause of the two fluids swollen. And to the extent that the two deformed fluids are the cause of suicide, ending the action of deformed fluid on the human being, immediately cease its ill effects.

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