Spirits was the First Step in the Eternal

What is the ultimate goal of all the existing in the world spiritualism? Is the RATIONAL WORLD, that will lead all mankind to rationalisation and will bring the real paradise on Earth. Then there will be real peace, universal love and brotherhood. In this text we will talk of the glorious era that is conducting the universe since 1935 when the changed nature of phase and there was the spiritual uplift in all respects.
And the spiritual world is a party since then. In the spiritist centres all the Rational Immunization, the powerful fluid that commands all the fields, all the fluidic energy stops, who commands all spirits. If you have any questions, leave your opinion in the end that we will do our best to respond.

A Natural Knowledge of Evolution of Spiritism

spirits espiritismo e espiritos voando no ceuWith the rebirth of all there is evolving, in progress in the life of humanity, all had their principle and would have to take your order. Because nothing is stagnant or stop. Everything evolves, all progresses. In Spiritism, call the soul or spirit, also evolved. So, today is one thing, tomorrow is another and then another, because everything is changing and everything is progressing in all aspects of life.

And so we see the progress of one hundred years, see the progress of two hundred years, see the progress of three hundred years passed, see the progress of four hundred years passed and so on and see how everything evolves. Here’s how everything progressed and so is everything in life. Science, culture, the arts, music and other things.

And similarly the Spiritism. In General, spiritism had its great progress. The knowledge of the soul, or spirit, had a beginning, middle and end. Had its great evolution and arrived at the height of the conquest of a certain part of humanity. Fans everywhere. But there was also the bad part of spiritualism, with the fanatics of spells, with their fanaticism, committing heinous crimes. And so, both evolved the good part of Spiritism, as evolved the bad part.

Was a part of the cutting phase, the unconscious, and so, Rational animal. And for being an animal stage, had to be unconscious, because the animal is unconscious. And this phase had its end, with the phase changes of stoning.

Spiritualism and its Natural Evolution of Nature

spirits espiritismo e o ceu dos espiritosThen the spiritualism, in its mission during the Rational animal, served to stoning. But spiritualism, in its evolution, many make the connection with the inhabitants of the Upper Astral.

Then it was a certain portion of humanity connected to the inhabitants of the Lower Astral, that is the electric and magnetic and others, linked to Astral, so hence, entering the phase change, that is the Rational Phase.

The evolution of the inhabitants of the Upper Astral and progress reached the upper course — another connection, which is the RATIONAL WORLD. It was the primary course, as Higher secondary course as Astral and the RATIONAL WORLD — the ultimate goal.

Today, humanity, through the Rational culture knowledge, develops naturally and binds to inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD, that is the real World. The Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD is not spirit. And once connected to their world of origin, when here leave will come back, turn towards its origin, because it is connected, in life, the true origin. In this way, no more will be born here on this earth to suffer and die. So today, spiritism is considered a part overcome by humanity be aware your real address, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Spiritualism was the first step towards that humanity find the ultimate goal, which is the RATIONAL WORLD, the real world of Rational appliance, the mankind in his real World. Returning all its origin that is your real world, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Spiritism is the Primary Course of Charm

While humanity was not the definition of your being in elementary school, spiritism, and the notion of soul and spirit, seemed to all be. But was no longer what seemed to be because they always saved the mysteries, puzzles, phenomena, always saved all in experience. So, the right name was “expíritas”, and not spirits, with soul and everything else that the beings in Spiritism.

The questions always, indecision, the mistrust, the imbalance, anyway, was not yet the Spiritism the point defined the true origin. Because who lives in experience, always living in the uncertainty of everything, before going to see if hit or not. As a gold miner in his adventures, in his wanderings and in its multiple appraisal. Whether scientific or magic black magic.

 But today, after the messages from the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, Rational culture, knowledge in the books Universe in Disenchantment, all the mysteries, all riddles and all phenomena were naturally unraveled. Because it is a super knowledge of cosmology, for being of a higher world, the RATIONAL WORLD, is a culture setting of the world, and all of humanity.

Where it all came from, how they came from, where they all go and how to go. The beginning and the end of it. The ultimate goal of humanity, for all are linked to the RATIONAL WORLD, the world of the true reason of his be. you’re a Rational origin and all linked to its origin will be able to make this connection with the eternal still here in life. And it is about over this passage, by being connected to its origin, will live in his world of origin and will not longer here. It is not the soul back to the source, but the fluid. The true soul is the heart. Is the soul of the body, the soul of life. The heart is the first to feel any vibration.
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The rational culture was born a spiritist Center Called Spiritist Tent Francis of Assisi, located at Rua Lopes da Cruz, in Meier, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Mr. MANOEL JACINTHO COELHO, President of spiritist Center, was ordered to close the Centre in 1935 because the nature change of phase. Knowledge of rational culture, everyone will have everything that science never knew and all wanted to know and there was no one who knew.

The lost virtues can be found in the study of this book. They are love, fraternity, humility, tolerance, generosity, understanding and sincerity. To the extent that happens to spiritual evolution, each fluid rises and grows, releasing this material and anything joined to all. Is knowledge the true soul, the Rational fluid, the source of the Supreme Reason, the true Divine source, the Supreme Rational source.

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