universe in disenchantmentThe books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT present a detailed description of the origin of humanity, its beginning and its development. Driving all the exceptional learning of subjects considered unattainable. The elevation of his teachings, gets not only a new and true sense of our reason for being, but also a wide and positive awareness of larger life designs in leading naturally to a perfect balance, aimed at rationalizing people and Universal peace.

Is the knowledge of the origin of the human being. Of where it came from, how it came, because came and return to its origin. Shows how the man will return to your natural state of being pure, clean and perfect Rational, linking the human being to his real World of origin, the RATIONAL WORLD. All this through the messages of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, an alien, published in the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

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Is nature natural culture. A knowledge of the new phase in force in nature, the Rational Phase. The age of reason. The stage of development of the reasoning. Clarifies the true definition of everything and everyone, in principle the order, concrete thinking, scientific, mathematical, and/or normal Cartesian.

It is not a question of religion, sect, philosophy, science and spiritualism. However covers all aspects involved in these areas of human knowledge. In this way, clarifies and completes the proper continuation of these, since it reveals the origin of everything that man has always sought in particular: the definition of your being and all beings.

The Rational knowledge contained in the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT emanate a new energy in the universe, the Rational Energy. A extra cosmic energy, the true origin of life and the universe. And with reading the books the person comes into contact with this new energy that is ruling nature, Rational Energy.

And all without the slightest effort, quite naturally, will be targeted at all, getting accurate and necessary guidelines for its perfect balance moral, physical and financial, in their own homes or where they are. So there is no need to go anywhere like temples, synagogues, churches or houses of preaching. The person will have with whom to tell and where to hang.
(Source: prospectus of Rational Culture, Dossier posted 8, 175)