Rap: the Cause of Violence is the Paralysis of Thought

In rap that describe the cause of the violence as the stoppage of thought, our goal is to show through the rhythm and poetry that nature changed his stage in 1935. In this article you will find out why nature has changed and because hip hop has a key role in the final awareness of humanity. Let’s talk about the origin of rap and hip hop. 

The rap came from Jamaica in 60 years. Was born on the streets of large slums as Kingston, which was dominated by drug dealers and burglars. Had there balls with the first concept of masters of ceremonies, the first MC’s of hip hop culture. These guys talked about drugs, violence and the cruel reality of the streets. Ten years later, in 70 years, DJ Kool Herc, widely known in Jamaica, left the island to New York, opportunities in the United States. It didn’t take long for the balls that took place on the streets of Kingston take the sidewalks were crowded with people of the big city. And the rest is history. And follows the firm and strong hip hop.

The Thought was Born and Died

rap e grafiti do hip hopAs attitude and awareness challenge, rap, and hip hop in General, could not fail to be present in rhymes, beats and samples of the Children of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR. Wars, terrorism, lack of respect, quarrels, disagreements, all this discord we see around the world, has a cause. A guy who made a nice sound on the rational culture was the Great Maya with that beautiful album called Tim Maia Rational (Tim Maia Racional).

In rap of the sons of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR called “the cause of the violence,” there is a detailed explanation of the cause of the violence. When the rapper Ricardo da Peace opens the song talking about “the true love is pure and perfect/Rational culture is the new/Spread love, embrace your brother/true love comes from the reason”.

This rap is very strong and it is not for anyone to hear it. True love is like real life. If the article were true to life, no one would lose and everyone would be eternal. And the matter not be true to life, this is the cause of the changes of nature. What they all call of death, in fact, is a natural transformation of nature.

This rap is a key point in the work of the children of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR. The rational culture explains the basis and logic that the cause of all dysregulation, the cause of the imbalance of all occurs by completing the stage of thought. As well as everything that exists in the world of matter has beginning and end, with the thought could not be different. The thought had its inception and came to an end. The cause of this imbalance is the end of thought.

When Richard sings “no one can go against the nature/there is nothing like his greatness/If I have feeling it has also important/in this life is to do good without seeing whom,” the rhythm and poetry meet the super consciousness. The reasoning takes the word and explains that humanity lives artificially.

The Rap From the Natural Balance of Nature

grafite de rap na cultura hip hopAnd for everyone, for all the tribes of all cities in the world are balance, must as soon as possible to know the natural stage of nature, that is the Rational Phase. Knowledge of Rational Culture is the Foundation of rap of the sons of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR. The hip hop culture will never be the same. After all, we live in a world in transformation.

And lives most people valuing above matters of love, of brotherhood, of friendship and companionship. The jewelry, cars, houses, caps, watches, anyway, all live closer everything when is material. And live artificially, all live against nature, especially in big cities like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte and Recife. And the Rational hip hop talks about it: evolution, consciousness and goodness. Rational Rap is rational culture, natural nature.

And for everyone to find the balance of everything, they have to know the nature and Rational Phase. The world has passed by a plethora of phases and is turning by Rational Phase, the last phase of life, where all mankind will get to know the world of his race, the RATIONAL WORLD, and know how to get back at him.

The thought stopped working because he finished his round. And so stopped the minds, stopped the adjustment and were unregulated. And after unregulated came to violence. The cause of violence is the stoppage of thought. The weakening of thought caused the imbalance of thinkers, suffering and death. Caused the moral, physical and financial bankruptcy. And all this imbalance caused the failure. The failure caused the violence. The violence caused the terror. The terror caused the wars. And the wars caused this death we see around the world.

 This happens because the thought and the imagination never managed to balance anyone. While the thought was in force within its stage, all thinkers living more or less regulated. After the phase changed nature in 1935, everyone was completely unregulated. Mankind did not realize the phase change to live artificially and therefore lives against nature.

The Beginning and the end of the World

The book Universe in Disenchantment is the true light of the Rational animal. It is a natural knowledge of nature. Is the knowledge of mankind’s return to his real World of origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, which is what makes the human connection to the RATIONAL WORLD. Is the knowledge that details of where it all came from and where they all go. How came and as they go.

The rap of the sons of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR explains in the song “Cosmo culture” that the rational culture is the knowledge of the origin of human beings and of this universe that remained enthralled, locked the lock and key. The rational culture is not sect, religion, philosophy or science. Is the truth of truths. Arrived on Earth in 1935 in a spiritist Center called Spiritist Tent Francis of Assisi, in Rio de Janeiro.

On occasion, the President of the spiritist Center, Mr. MANOEL JACINTHO COELHO, people connected to the inhabitants of the Upper Astral, received the order to close the Center because the world would enter a new phase. And so it was done. And Mr. MJC went on to receive the messages of the books Universe in Disenchantment, transmitted by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, superior reasoning all reasonings, inhabitant of RATIONAL WORLD, our real world.

The hip hop culture is contested. The Rational is extraterrestrial culture hip hop.

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