Learn why the Reasoning is the Greatest Weapon Against Drugs

Because it is a book from other stops unknown of inhabitants of the Earth, the book Universe in Disenchantment has the natural power to heal the drug addicts. Drugs such as crack, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, cigarette and other narcotic substances hinder the life of human beings, not only disrupting your balance, as well as their families, friends and loved ones.
In this text you will know how to help a person close to the cure of drug use. If you have any questions, leave your opinion at the end of the text that we will do our best to respond.

The Book Universe in Disenchantment Cure Drug Addicts

drugs usuarios de drogas e crackTo start the study of the Universe in Disenchantment, the reader begins a Rational energy treatment, a powerful force that is materialized in words, in the glossy pages of these books. The reader can be cured of drugs only reading and re-reading these books.

This is possible because, when you start reading the knowledge of the development of the reasoning, the drug addict gets into his reasoning developed by this powerful energy, Rational Energy. This reading is not a common reading. It is a transcendental knowledge, coming from the real world of origin of mankind, the Rational World.

And there are now a plethora of Rational Culture students that are free of toxic substances. With the study of this book, the addict leaves the drug to one side and follows his life happy, balanced and healthy. Healing drug rational culture is made with the help of the inhabitants of the Rational World that are developing the upper body, which is the reasoning.

The reasoning is the real key of all humanity with its origin. Because if we are rational only source the source has the strength to fix what is the origin. And the reasoning, as it is more powerful than thought, shall govern the thought and its destructive actions on the human being. The human being has three machines in the head. Imagination machine, the machine of thought and reasoning machine. And Rational Energy as the energy of reasoning, has to balance force who is connected to the power of drugs, electricity and magnetic.

The Rational Balance Cure Addiction to Drugs

drugs usuario de drogas com a morteThought and imagination are two machines limited, deformed, degenerate and polluted. Different from reasoning, a part of the head of the human being who will command the recovering drug addict. With the reasoning to rule the thought, the addict will lose the desire to use toxic naturally, i.e., without feeling.
With the development of the reasoning, which is acquired in the study of the Universe in Disenchantment, the drug addict starts to get balanced by the development of reasoning. So, the user leaves naturally thinking about drugs. In this way, the drug addict loses the habit effortlessly.

All achieved with persistence in the Rational Culture study, books Universe in Disenchantment. Rational Energy is the power of powers and comes straight from our real world of origin, the Rational World. So, free of any drug, the person acquires the Rational balance for the rest of his life.

Are two forces helping the drug addict to drop his addiction: the development of the reasoning made by Rational Energy and the inhabitants of the rational world, pure energy, clean and perfect, without defects. Although the drug addict doesn’t want to read, be aware that this is the only remedy that will cure it. Understand something very important: even if the addict does not manage to get to read these books, there is a solution.

Your family and your friends can read in his place and ask the Owners of the book, which are the inhabitants of the Rational World, to help heal the prison drug addict. By doing so, the person is met and the addict begins to be treated by the inhabitants of the Rational World.

The Power of Powers is Rational and Cure All the ills of life

Within a short time the addict quits drugs and begins and read the books as well. And already be prepared by the inhabitants of the Rational World, begins to be balanced forever. And this, I believe, has been given to many students of the rational culture since 1935, when there was the phase change of nature.

When the addict is not plugged into the Rational Energy he weakens and is at the mercy of the two energies, degenerate and unconscious, weakened the electrical and magnetic energy. They are broadcasting the disturbing wills, bad dreams and feelings of hatred, greed and unconsciousness.

This world of matter is out of their true natural state of pure Rational, clean and perfect, the inhabitants of our real world, the Rational World. Only with the development of the reasoning is that the drug addict will get your balance and stay free of drugs. It’s not worth getting depending on national drug policy of the Federal Government.

Thousands of people seeking daily information about drugs but do not find a way out of this crisis. There is a real moral, physical and financial bankruptcy. A moral, physical and financial settlement.

Learn where to find the book Universe in Disenchantment
Because the body is connected to the electric and magnetic energy that keeps the imbalance of the addict, always varying between evil and good. An hour the person thinks as well, at the time the person thinks. And the addict linked to Rational Energy is immunized for her to stay off of the two electric and magnetic energies, all causing the imbalance of humanity.

The cause of crime, of marginals, the cause of all the ills of life and body. And to be immune to all these evils, just to know. To which mankind solve the problem with drugs, just study the books Universe in disenchantment.

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Find the book Universe in Disenchantment and know the true origin of humanity.