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By Suely Santos Lima, a student of the rational culture, in article in the newspaper of May 1978.

“The abuse of free will has serious consequences, cause the law of gravity — this is where everything subtle, Ethereal became serious, dense, heavy. With the abuse of free will, in harmonious unit turned off and lost, so our own unit. ” In this article we will talk about an energy that is no longer what it was and became, by natural movements, two degenerate energies, deformed, polluted and weakened that gave cause to this material universe, electrical and magnetic energy.

“Losing our individuality, because as we all turn off, that way the drive, we had the consequences in our own being, who lost his individual personality — Single indivisible — and was divided.” If you have any questions leave your opinion at the end of the article that we will do our best to respond.

Understand Degenerative Progress of Nature Itself

energy energia da terra magnetismo“Divided, subdivided in a energy that was pure, clean and perfect, compact in its consistency, Eternal Divine. And went on to a deformed so fluidics, disharmonious energy, desarmonizada, living in disharmony with all for having lost their own original junction. Therefore, the fluid, or energy, is a deformed body that is stuck to the seven parts of why so we are.

However, the bodies of creatures of the Earth are bodies consisting of seven parts, after all, consumed degeneration because everything degenerates multiplies. Thus, the original microbial strain machine, i.e. the organic machine in their initial training within this new field of degenerate life, was based on three elements: training the focus light fluid formed by Rational lost energies to distortion and that was what gave training to life or cause of microbes, viruses or germs; the earth being the incubator and the water running as training object.

However, as everything degenerates multiplies, we spent the most degenerate formations, more and more dependent on degenerate, to be linked to seven vital parts with the degenerative progress of nature itself, and we have come down to the seventh hierarchical scale natural deformation. Therefore, not reaching to the extinction of this generation and we go to another much worse is that was present among us Universal redemption, that is the Rational Immunization.

And once by immunizing us, this energetic body dispersed Slinger primitive unit, its will where begins to form again, i.e. the form the primitive body which degenerated. The result was the embezzlement and the weakening of these seven pieces that make up this degenerate nature.

Understand the Relationship of Time, Space and Matter

emergy campo de energia magnéticaIt is known that the world is a result of its own inhabitants. Therefore, the Rational full Immunization to all by returning all your drive, your individuality as Rational personality. That is, a return to his divine, eternal vibrating consistency.

When we lose our individuality indivisible, we left our own interior, that is, the perpetualidade that causes the eternity and we went to the outside, losing to degenerarmos us, eternal consistency and creating thus the degenerate factor called time. Time where everything has beginning and end, getting this factor called time bound to another degenerate factor called space.

Therefore, we of the imponderable to interfere with, the transcendental to the concrete, for unlimited time and space limit we lost our original vibratory rate. Thus causing, another rhythm of life, where the vibrating life field is so low, so slow, so slow that gave cause to another degenerate factor, which is what gives the illusionist aspect that is stopped, inert, that is the energy that causes electromagnetic degenerate, in turn, to degenerate factor called subject.

Therefore, for being a degenerate factor matter, is attached to the Natural Law of degeneration where everything generates, is born, grows, returns and apparently disappears. Because, the rightists, decairmos let the fullness of life in a world called Rational Plain that only the name, give us idea of amplitude, of unlimited, where there is no limit for all depth extension extend continuously, developing forever, progressing with ever.

What is the Limit of Time and Space?

In this way, we create the apparent surface limit of time and space, where nothing good nothing, because everything has only a space-and time is so that everything is over. Thus, in degenerarmos, in turn off of our Rational and therefore life stopped our progress, because Rational purity is purity.

Purity where there is always continuity of perfection, i.e. purification in becoming more and more pure, more and more bright, a increase of refulgent splendor where everything grows, returns and shines. So, when we go out of the Rational route, we stagnate, we are stagnant, because we take an irrational route, to the contrary, backward. In other words, we start going down the path of purity, going by the progress of impurity, hence the pollution.
To lessen our vibrating pulse, our pace, our Rational vibratory energy began to weaken, falling, to decompose in multiplication of weakening, until we get the Rational condition degenerates to the point of extinction. Where there has been a resurgence, in a kind of rebirth in a body, with another energy type of condensation, with another formation, structure and composition degenerate, fragile, vulnerable to evil that is already another type of degenerative process, which we call ‘ disease ‘.
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