Learn how Will be the end of the World of Matter

The prophecies about the end of the world and the apocalypse has in Michel Nostradamus one of its greatest exponents. And mankind has fear of Atomic explosions, tsunamis, hurricanes, social collapses, the collapse of capitalism. In this article we will explain that the end of the world of matter will happen naturally, without jolts, shocks or scares. As all the movements of nature are natural, most people don’t realize.

And for mankind to live artificially, not noticed the major changes of the cosmos and the microcosm. The end of the world has already begun. Without concussions or shocks, without the sinister visions of the Apocalypse, humans will leave this material life and return to his real World of origin, the RATIONAL WORLD. If you have any questions, leave your opinion in the end who will reply as soon as possible.

The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the end of the World

o fim do mundo maia end of the worldThe analysis that follows is made from the perspective of a student of the rational culture, a knowledge that represents the continuation of all human knowledge. To speak of the end of the world, made a parallel with some parts of the Bible where the original translations from Greek, Latin, and Hebrew were performed well.

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are characters described in the third prophetic vision of the apostle John in the biblical Book of Revelation or the Apocalypse. The current idea of these four horsemen are pestilence, war, famine and death. In this vision, the white represents purity Knight, the red represents blood and war, the Black Knight is pure obscurity and curse and the Green Knight-water would be death. I say it would be because the traditional interpretation of the end of the world is unaware of the prospect that follows.

The Knight of the apocalypse has a white Crown on his head and a bow. This ARC is drawn on the cover of the book Universe in Disenchantment, being present also in symbolic residence of the inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD, a building located within the Rational Retreat in Nova Iguaçu, a city of Rio de Janeiro State. The White Knight walks with a white stone in his right hand and a sword. This Knight is the Knight of Concord, represented by Mr. MANOEL JACINTHO COELHO.

The Knight of the Apocalypse yellow brings your hands on a scale, which means the balance between good and evil is apparent. It is known that the well is apparent the electric fluid and the evil is the magnetic fluid. This Knight represents the mediating power, of the inhabitants of the Upper Astral, astral which is far above the Sun, but below the RATIONAL WORLD, the Supreme world that gave rise to everything and everyone: Sun, moon, stars, planets, water, Earth, animals and plants.

The Knight of the Apocalypse red, also linked to the end of the world, represented by a Roman soldier with a sword, represents all the suffering and barbarism. The electric fluid, is the apparent well, and be apparent ends suddenly, brings the representativeness of the lower astral, with inhabitants of the primary school of charm. The Roman legions spread chaos and wickedness by where they spent. The horseman of the Apocalypse, that in many works of art appears in dark shades and carrying a scythe, is the materialization of death.

It is the magnetic fluid, the fluid head channel destroyer of the human being all negative influences: sadness, annoyances, setbacks, thoughts, bad, noisy, suffering and discord. The Knight of the apocalypse is an inhabitant of astral black, made by magnetic fluid, and live hidden among humans, materialized in their mission of stoning.

The Knight of Concord and the ads of the Conscious Rational Phase

o fim do mundo com água end of the worldIn the book written by journalist Jorge Elias called “Knight of Concord”, and not of revelation, there is a detailed account of who was Mr. MANOEL JACINTHO COELHO. I highlight now a passage described on page 104 relating to prophecies of the end of the world “(…) the Rational Light will illuminate it in silence, and you; then, you will hear my voice. Through it the big lesson to be given to all mankind. One who is drunk with the wine of my teaching will reach the light of eternal life.

Those who ignore it, will cry sorry and desperate. And start the hair to see the smoke from the fire. Will look, frightened, the torment. But there will be no more Cup or wine. The pride and luxury will give way to sadness and grief. Everything will be eaten: the soft and sumptuous, gold and silver, precious stones and pearls. Linen and silk, wood and ivory. Open sky will appear riding the white horse of redemption, which you must mount. Already gave you the Crown, the sword.

And will give you the book. With the sword, move the lazy, the traitors, the unbelievers and the abominable, because on them dump out the fire of my wrath. Place the Crown on his head, MANOEL, and treat to guide those who hear your voice. Because your voice is the voice of the sky, the voice, the voice of the winds. The voice of nature, rationality, the hidden truth. His listeners and followers will be covered and protected by the wings of a great Eagle that will descend from the star. With the book, spread knowledge, knowledge, and culture. “

Learn how to find the book Universe in disenchantment

The end of the world, as stated above, will not be catastrophic as thousands of thinkers is trumpeting. The end of the world is the end of a phase, is the change in the life of the fluidics life, real life. Once connected to the pure, clean and perfect fluid of Rational Immunization, human beings will see the end of the world of matter and the birth of the eternal world.

And to quit forever in this world of matter, and not get more being born and dying in these comings and goings, stuck to this deformation, just study the rational culture, which is the transcendental knowledge of the fluid. This fluid is materialized in words in the glossy pages of the book Universe in Disenchantment. With the daily study of this new knowledge, the human being develops and acquires the reasoning of condition immunized rationally. Once immunized, as the word says, is immune to the destructive effects of both electric and magnetic fluids.

Rational immunization is only acquired in the study of rational culture, the study of Rational fluid, which is materialized in bright words on the pages of the book Universe in Disenchantment.

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