Get to Know the Identity of the True God

God is an energy above everything and everyone. If God is identified because it is looking at the Earth.  And discover the identity of God makes all the difference. The power of powers is the ultimate reason to everything and everyone. There is no effect without a cause. There is no son without a father.
If this world of matter exists, is because there is its cause. And the power of powers, which gave cause everything and everyone, is at the origin. And this supreme power to everything and everyone if identified. And is more than looking at the Earth. This supreme power is present on Earth in 1935.

The True God is Eternal: Pure, Clean and Perfect

o verdadeiro deus godThe True God is the supreme power to everything and everyone. It is a pure energy, clean and perfect. For science, God is an idea. The materialists do not admit even the influence of unseen forces on humans. The history of mankind has created three concepts linked to the origin and his supreme power. This is the Supreme and absolute power over all living beings, their presence is constant in all corners of the world and his wisdom is absolute, that is, God knows everything about everyone. Fact.

Several books, until then considered sacred, were written with the purpose of revealing to humanity some of its greatest mysteries. Where we come from and where are we going? As we came and how shall we? After all, to discover the true origin of humanity remains for thousands of men as the greater mystery to be unraveled. Discover the cause of the Sun, Moon and stars, planet and comets. Not only that: because the animals, plants, land and water are of this form was the aim of these books. But good intentions do not a minimum.

During the call phase of thought, knowledge stood out as the Bhagavad Gita, the Hindu; the Tipitaka of Buddhists; the Tanakh, of the Jews; the Avesta of the Zoroastrians; the Bible, of Christians; the book of Mormon, latter-day Saints; the Quran, Islamic ‘; the Guru Granth Sahib of the sikhs; The Kitáb-i-Aqdas, bahá ‘ ís, among others.

Not only the supposed knowledge of eternal salvation as was announced before, as well as a multitude of rescuers tried unsuccessfully to set the origin of the universe. Among the best known are Abraham and Moses, in the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faith; Zoroaster, the Zoroastrian faith; Krishna, hindu faith; Buddha, the Buddhist faith; Jesus Christ, in Christian and Islamic faith; Muhammad, in the Islamic faith; Guru Nanak in Sikhism and the Báb and Bahá ‘ u ‘ lláh in the Bahá ‘ í faith.

Learn How to Find the True God, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR

deus godThe most powerful force in the world is the strength of the source, is the pure, clean and perfect. At the root is the power of powers. And the source is rational. Is the power of rational powers, is the most powerful energy that exists. There are three powers in the universe, or three energies.

The first energy to exercise their activity on living beings is called magnetic energy. This energy is responsible for giving the imagination of human beings. Then the second energy to exert its influence on humans is called electricity. This energy is responsible for food control and suggest the thought of humans.

The third energy, who began his function on humans in 1935, called Rational Energy. This energy is responsible for developing the human reasoning, the so-called Rational animals. The most powerful force, the power of powers, is the Rational strength. Then the supreme power to everything and everyone is rational. And for you to find everything that you want only Rational knowledge, a knowledge that is a continuation of all the philosophical and scientific Sciences and of all religions, sects and doctrines that existed on planet earth today.

So, the whole of humanity, some sooner, some later a little, will have access to the knowledge of the true source. As if the world of matter is of Rational origin, the most powerful force in the world is rational. That’s because this world is this force. Learn who is on this single word, rational, the power of powers. After all, as all mankind is rational, the true God is rational, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

If the Sun, moon, stars, water, Earth, animals and vegetables are Rational source, the real ultimate power to everything and everyone is rational as well. So is the word Rational power of the Almighty who is the true God, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, superior reasoning all reasonings, an inhabitant of our real world, the rational world.

Get to Know the Identity of God in Universe in Disenchantment

The identity of God is revealed in Universe in Disenchantment, unpublished knowledge that surpasses all expectations of human knowledge. The so-called Book-God presents a detailed description of the origin of humanity, its beginning and its development.

Driving all the exceptional learning of subjects considered unreachable for the elevation of his teachings, gets not only a new and true sense of our reason for being, but also a wide and positive awareness of larger life designs in leading naturally to a perfect balance, aimed at rationalizing people and Universal peace.

Be aware that the identity is a justification for the personality of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, to redeem the doubts, giving proof of the evidence, that is the source. Because if there is a source is because there is who made the origin. And who did the source? THE RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

Then, by all that is Rational origin, is that why humanity there, this category of Rational animals. Then, before the origin, is the power of Powers that generated and created and made the origin. And if the source is rational, as a matter of fact is, who did everything that exists between the Sun and the Earth is rational. Because there is no effect without a cause.

Know your Rational source. Learn where to find the book Universe in disenchantment and stop to think and imagine: develop reasoning and go back to the rational world.

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