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The books Universe in Disenchantment, Rational culture, explain where all came and where everyone will, as came and as they go. In this text you will begin to understand the basis and logic, proofs and evidence, the true origin of this enchanted world, closed the seven keys. To do this we select some excerpts from the opinion of the scientist and professor of celestial mechanics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ.

Science believes that there are about 15 billion years ago there was a large explosion, the Big Bang, which would have given rise to all. But there is no consensus in this vague notion. For the physicist Mario Novello, Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas, in Rio de Janeiro, something already existed at the moment of the Big Bang. Among the dozens of proposed models, it is possible that space and time have existed since forever, that the Big Bang is the result of the collapse of several dimensions and that the explosion has given rise not one, but several worlds, Novello said in an interview with a magazine of Grupo Abril.

Get to Know the Opinion of a Professor of Celestial Mechanics About the Universe

origem do universo universe“We feel the book Universe in Disenchantment notable for containing revelations on the crucial problems of human existence. (…) The book contains only truths and teaches to use them for the sake of the redemption of men. The book is a work of Cosmogony, in the broad sense and metaphysical concept, which introduces and explains the design of the universe, its origin is his term, from a Supreme reality, a Metauniverso the styling: RATIONAL WORLD.

This reality is given as a revelation coming of powers that transcend the human powers. It associates the intuition to reason; is intuitive and not contrary to the rules of reason; is the merger of the origin of cause and effect, as reality, because there is no effect without a cause. There we find cleared up the mystery of life.

Life is a fabric that binds the rational beings that we are, to cosmo. Cosmo, which bills itself as the anti world of metauniverso, reality. The book reveals that this life keeps us away from our true “habitat”, which is the rational world. And says that, our fall from paradise, happened because the beings living there, in Super rational world are free, as required by the condition of being perfectly happy.

Could use of free will and choose great world or the antimundo. Those, and we, who have the second option here and catch the battle of life: who is born must die. But death does not mean the annihilation, explaining us the book. Death is just a singular point of our journey through life. Our binding reference will never disappear: it is there in the world. “

The Perfect World Where We Come From

“This great book in content and simple in form shows us that the reunion will be held at knowing what is Rational, that Culture is the culture of perfect world where we come from. How will mankind enter into Via the target will lead to Rational last? The answer lies in this book and is simple as are the great truths.

Reading and Rereading the Code of Truth

origem do universo sideral universeThis book will create a conscious state, named in the book State of Rational Immunization. In this state the humans is direct contact with the inhabitants of the rational world with which will establish dialogue and then, your balance to go and this will mean that death will you open the door to Eternal Redemption. Die in this State is losing the individuality to join the Universal Life-eternity, who spoke great English biologist Haldane.

The book still teaches us: in the world in which we live there are material progress, but the creative evolution, quite different from the simple progress, casts of perfect Universe our origin. Here is the Kingdom of contradiction and injustice, the world’s characteristics in the process of deformation and decomposition. This world is the work of men and should disappear with them.

Man is master of his fate and Supreme authorities interfere in the life of anti world, which is under the rule of men. The study and the knowledge of this world we live in allows us to isolate the constants of this universe, whose existence is certain, so as to enable us to understand you each see more. We, as well to be aware of our position vis-à-vis the cosmos and life.

Instead of leaving, to explain the origin of the existence of a creator, the book reveals the existence of the object created, the universe, with all its complexity. This position is, how could it be, the place of the man of science. It has been so, a supreme principle assumption and say, unique. From there the inferenciais processes of reason with intuition, allow us to build an image of the great reality that is revealed in the book.

This is also the position of Russell: from the object created rather than the creator. The knowledge of this Universe, where we came from and where we will return is enough to satisfy the human desire of explanation of the mysteries of life. The work of modern logic, in that pontificam a Kurt Godel, the largest of the living and a logical Paul Cohen, the man who solved the famous problem known in the field of philosophy of mathematics such as SOLID CHANCE, allow us to say that the question: who created everything?

The Current Deep Cosmological Philosophical Thought

The current deep cosmological, philosophical thought that comes from the Greek rationalist Tales and Anaximander, this the greatest thinker of his time (611 to 545th b.C) passing by Plato and ending in Intuitionistic Cosmogony of Bergson, lies in their substantial elements, represented in this book.

This, coupled with the fact that the book was born in Rio de Janeiro, from the pen of a man devoid of culture, in the classic sense of the word, which is drawn up in modest language, without scientific pretensions, takes us to the conviction that this man is a bright and this book, the source of truth, is higher. The book makes a point of stress: your content is not science, or philosophy, or religion, but a natural, intrinsic knowledge to Hun.

Redemption in popular language leaves intact the deep substance of truths that announces, which are within the reach of men that must animate the benefit, read this great book, whose importance for humanity is decisive. This book contains a message addressed to humanity. The apologetic style is leaked in plain language and sometimes figured, without prejudice to the value of the substantial truths that teaches.

Features a supercosmologia, that part of the existence of a perfect universe, the Rational Plain, where we came from and where we will return some day. Explains and justifies the existence of perishable reality in which we live. (…) It is seen that the book maintains that life pre-exists the human being; the body and the spirit are in a unit, that will remain in the hereafter, with new nature. This unit is supported by w. James and b. Russell (Neo-realism).

The book introduces the diversification of eternity, splitting it according to a hierarchy. This is equivalent to the introduction of the diversification of infinity in science today, made by George Singer with its fabulous Transfinite Theory. The book is a critique based on the importance of human reason, conditioned by the imperfections inherent in our reality. This inadequacy was demonstrated by the notable works of two great figures of modern formal science, Kurt Gõdel and p. Cohen, when proved the existence of Indescidíveis (portuguese word without translation). “

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In this book is the true origin of the Sun, moon, planets, galaxies, stars, water, Earth, animals and plants, like all mankind will return to its origin. It is not religion, science, philosophy, sect or Spiritism. It is a knowledge coming from the rational world that reveals the nature that is in effect, the Rational Phase.

Reveals what is electric and magnetic fluid and the powerful Rational fluid. Explains the before look like and how did it originate as well as graduated so electric, magnetic, and rational. Is this Book any revelation of the origin of humanity, above all so be and origin that led to this and his creation, the life.

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