Astrology and Zodiac Sign: Learn why Brazil is the Universal Barn

The human being is an astrological center and is connected to the planets, stars, Sun, moon, water, Earth, animals and plants. But mankind is unaware of this influence of nature to live artificially. In this article we’ll talk a bit of astrology and zodiac sign, the alignment of the planets and how you can do to live with nature protection and have a balanced life, that is, to have peace, tranquility and the physical, moral and financial well.

In many cultures, the horoscope and the sign refers to a diagram that defines the relative positions of the planets and signs of the Zodiac on a given day, normally the day of birth of someone. And it is from this diagram that the astrologers know who is who and revealed important facts in people’s lives. We can say that the word is almost synonymous with horoscope astrological map with hours of planets, and the Sun sign. If you have any questions, leave your opinion at the end that we will do our best to respond.

The Influence of the planets in the Horoscope and zodiac sign

astrologia e signo mitologia sign“The influence of the planet and of the sign, which are possessions of life, is the result of a study born in Saudi by sages of yore. There were wise born in Arabia, knowledgeable veterans of astrology, searching the map of life that everyone bring in the hands. And with the stoning of astrological science, started to pay attention to the astros for many, many centuries, notifying your movements and putting the name of Planet and sign.

This study was spreading throughout Asia, becoming later known universally. At that time the science was all natural and communicated with the stars of course, acquiring the living that way all that needed. The sages then every person proved why he was born, what had to be and what was going on in the life of each one.

At the time the guidelines were other, starting to put names on the things they saw in the stars, starting so the alphabet. For example: Jupiter, a letter; Saturn, another letter; Venus, another letter. And each sign a number, completing this alphabet to understand by it, as up to now understand. Over time, this science that once prevailed to guide everyone was getting to a corner and future generations by creating new science and abandoning the knowledge of astrology. “

These apas are used above to make it clear that these three paragraphs were extracted, in full, of the book Universe in Disenchantment. The horoscope, zodiac sign and the planet, or birth chart, could be seen in the Palm of the hands of the living. Nowadays, there are still several astrologers who specialize in horoscopes and reveal the coming events in people’s lives. After there was the alignment of the planets and the change in nature in 1935, all should follow the line greater than governs everything and everyone, the eternal, Rational line.

The alignment of the planets made by pure, clean and Perfect Light

sign astrologia e signo mitologiaFollowing the line of exemplify, through the bright book excerpts Universe in Disenchantment, understand how humanity, long ago abandoned the astral and caused the revolt of nature. She rebelled because, again, the expansion of free will, where all left the map, the horoscope, which used to bring in the Palm of your hands, to create a new horoscope, an artificial alphabet. And for being, was against nature.

“The younger generation began to invent new alphabets, and hence all the tangles that exist in the world. The happiest in the world living are not those who are ruled by the sign or by your planet, but those who are governed by another different part of this vacuum, which is the Rational part.

The Rational is that governs all planets. Its strength always over them all. Above all this knowledge is the strength of Rational part that does not comply with the whims of planets or the sign, because it is subjugated to the top. And the planets meet so what this top either.

However, we now have this Rational immunization world. Was born in Brazil to Rational Immunization to new generations that when they arrive here in this world to adopt, as it an understanding only and be all for one and one for all. ” Understand these Astral movements lead the human being, of course, to a level above the conducting of the horoscope, creating a link with the eternal life yet.

The reasoning is the Regency of the Supreme Voice of other worlds

Already in 1935, his first words, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR announced a phase change of nature. People who heard these explanations for the first time to scare away before the revelations that were made, still in the tent Spiritualist Francisco de Assis. Very soft, explained the RATIONAL SUPERIOR what had happened in nature.
Said that the stage of thought ended and entered the development phase nature of reasoning. And for all live artificially, didn’t realize the change and continued thinking at the stage of reasoning. And as nature left to feed the thought of thinkers, these in turn came into imbalance and started to practice acts against their fellow and against himself. Hence the violence and bankruptcy proceedings in general throughout the world.
Had the time to develop all the reasoning, but of course, no one noticed right away, just as no one feels grow. If everyone had given it more time, all were with the reasoning developed and none of this that is going on in the world would be going on. If everyone had realized that the thought was not done to get it right, but only for lapidary thinkers, would not be more trying to hit with the thought.
Seek to develop the reasoning as there are more than two thousand years that everyone has been trying to settle with the thought and have failed so far. Achieved, with the peak of development of thought, get to this point of “save yourself who you can and if you can,” culminating in the production of many potential nuclear arsenals of destruction. Live in favour of nature is to respect the intentions of the planet and sign.
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This article is based on the transcendental wisdom contained in the glossy pages of Books Universe in disenchantment. And the Rational fluid is materialized in the access for all words in the books Universe in disenchantment. This pure fluid, clean and perfect describes the basis and logic and a plethora of evidence and proof, where we came from and where we are going, how we were and how we will.
This is a full description of the true origin of humanity. It is not religion, science, teaching, sect or Spiritism. Is a natural knowledge of nature that, through the Rational, the pure fluid fluid, clean and perfect, leads the human being to his real World of origin, the RATIONAL WORLD. To evolve with the horoscope. Evolve with astrology.
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